The following items are essential to complete your registration:
•           Masquerader’s Name
•           Email Address (each masquerader’s email address must be unique)
•           Contact Number
•           Costume Measurements
•           Females: Bra Size, Hip Band Measurement, Bottom Piece Size.
•           Males: Pants Waist Size
If Additional size information is required for your section, the Rebellion will notify masqueraders via email.


Costume registration is only considered complete after receipt of a down payment. Down payments are required as follows:

Frontline/Leader/Upgrade - 50% of costume price

Backline/basic - TT$650.00 or US$100.00


ALL add-ons must be paid in full when ordered.


Costume registration is only considered complete after receipt of a down payment.

Costumes must be paid in full prior to collection, and can be paid:


  • At the collection centre immediately before collecting the costume (Cash only).

  • At the Mas’ Rebellion Mas Camp (Cash only) and online via Paypal*. 

    *Please note that ALL Paypal transactions are billed in US$ at a rate of TT$6.50:US$1. The conversion amount will be determined by your bank or credit card provider at the time of billing. This amount will be reflected in your credit card statement.





Please note that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore payments are non-refundable. Additionally, there will be:


  • NO exchange or switching of sections.

  • NO changing of measurements or sizes

  • NO Costume Transfers

  • NO Returns accepted



1.        Costume packages must be collected in person with a valid form of ID. Persons may collect the costume in their name only, unless proper authorization is presented as outlined in paragraph 4 of this policy.


2.       The costume distribution schedule will be advertised via Facebook and e-mail. The final date of costume distribution is Carnival Friday, 24th February, 2017, after which all uncollected costumes remain the property of Mas’ Rebellion Ltd. and any payments are forfeited by the customer except as outlined in paragraph 3 of this policy.


3.       Costumes paid-in-full by Friday 24th February, 2017 may be collected by previous arrangement with Mas’ Rebellion Ltd. after Friday 24th February, 2017.


4.       In order to collect a costume on behalf of another masquerader, the person collecting the costume must be pre-authorised to collect the costume on the owner’s behalf. Pre-authorisation: Seven (7) days before the scheduled collection date, the owner of the costume can send an authorization email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the email address attached to their costume profile. This email must state the full name of the person authorized to collect on the costume owner’s behalf. The person authorized to collect must present a valid form of ID at the collection point.


Costumes remain the property of Mas’ Rebellion Ltd. until paid for in full and collected.




When yuh on de road wit’ de Rebels:


  1. Yuh getting food dat does lash:

    • Monday – Pelau and coleslaw fuh lunch (vegetarian and chicken options)

    • Tuesday – Breakfast & Lunch (vegetarian and chicken options)

  2. Yuh getting all de drinks yuh like:

    • Water

    • Vodka

    • Rum

    • Whisky
    • Beer

    • Chaser and ice an’ ting fuh so

    • AND -  de Rebel Stores will issue ah nice flask to bring yuh premium firewater of choice wit' you on the road!

  3. Music – of course.

  4. Mobile Bathroom Facility – ‘cause everyone needs to potty

  5. Rest bus – when yuh need dat lil’ nap in between de pump

  6. Last but not least… Security! Palance wit’ no worries.


Mmmhm. Yuh likin’ it, right? See yuh on de Road!