Trinidad Carnival 2017

 Angeli Gajadhar | Managing Director




Angeli has worked in widely varied fields. Prior to becoming part of the Carnival industry, she has been a saleswoman, tutor, project co-ordinator and flight attendant. The skills learned in these settings served her well when, in 2007, she became a private section producer. In the years following, she also worked in the belly of the beast - band operations and management. After years of frustration under the establishment (bikinis, beads and exclusivity over diversity), she walked away from Carnival, disappointed in her colleagues and industry. When Keir and Ayodhya approached her in 2014 for her assistance in producing a section, brilliance struck. Angeli decided that if you wanted something done, you’d have to do it yourself. Thus, the Rebellion was born. No one who knows Angeli is surprised, as she is an activist for human rights and an advocate for the improvement of life for women and girls. She brings this same passion and desire for equality and diversity to her endeavours with mas.