As the Mother’s rule went on, so too did the farce of democracy and the motions of election…

...but there were still those who opposed her: men and women who formed rebel groups, employing covert tactics to weaken her government.

Chief among these was the group known as The Light… their leader, Lantern, became a long standing enemy of the Mother’s government. He was a known mutant and revolutionist, and the Mother’s lapdogs hunted him ferociously.

It was said that the Lantern shed his light in all the darkest places of the United States of Trinidad,converting the mighty druglord Papa Bois into an ally and re-uniting him with rival and former lover, Mama G'lo; that His grace transformed the criminal underworld into a bevy of businessmen and upstanding citizens. The people rallied behind this haunting figure, worshipping his luminescence and praising God for sending an angel such as this, to liberate the people and illuminate the nation.

Riding the wave of popularity of the Lantern and his people, Nicholas Kassin - the secret identity of the Lantern and the son of former politician Paul Kassin - formed his own party: The Light of the People.

TLP rose to prominence quickly and despite violent attacks and political slander, they became a powerful group; so powerful, that more than a decade after the her initial inauguration, The Mother lost to her own weapon: the vote.

The landslide win of TLP raised many eyebrows - particularly those who knew that the election had been controlled by the Mother for the duration of her reign. But that was of little consequence now that TLP was in office… TLP had made a promise: the people would not only have democracy, but a whole new nation. A new United States of Trinidad.

TLP’s strategy would be one of renewal:

clean up the pollution made by nano-oil and its derivatives,

restricting access to the purified form used in industry and pharmaceuticals

and thereby removing the substance from the easy reach of druglords and criminals.

But choking the criminal underworld would never kill it… no. This would never deliver a new UST. And so the TLP promised a wider clean-up. A true restoration. 

They would rebuild Port-of-Spain Prime.

Fitzgerald Singh, the new First Senator of the government of the UST, made this announcement to shouts of joy and tears of happiness, holding hands with his wife Janet, former soca star…

And so begins a new era in the United States of Trinidad…

Lantern by Ayodhya Ouditt


Red Queen by Ayodhya Ouditt

Shaman Queen of the Molassie

Pierrot by Ayodhya Ouditt