Bookman by Shawn Alleyne


The Bookman is a mysterious figure, lurking in the background of the more prominent vigilantes and criminals of the United States of Trinidad. Most do not know that he even exists, and those who are certain of his hand at work are careful to do little more than whisper of his influence. He is more than human, these people believe. He is, to them, a snake in the grass. A devil in the body of a man. 
Fewer still have laid there eyes upon this enigma. These, he meets with secretly and always in a mask, wearing the garb of a "man of the cloth." The robes are the symbol of what he believes mankind must strive to be: children of God. But the mask... that is the reality.

Victor Constantine by Ayodhya Ouditt

Victor Constantine

An idealist, Victor joined the rebels of Red J’ouvert against the oppression of Caesar. In the frenzy a Red Guard approached him, removing his helmet to reveal a friend of his father’s. He told Victor that Vincent, his father, was in the streets looking for his son. Afraid that the Guards would kill Vincent, Victor sought him out. Alas, it was not the Guards who had set upon Vincent, but other devils. Victor stopped the beating, but it was too late. He had barely a moment with the body before the bio-weapon was unleashed.
Escaping with the help of his Red Guard friend, Victor survived the massacre. Taking up Vincent’s mantle as Managing Director of Constantine Construction, he turned a large profit on the building of Beetham City and gentrification of Laventille. Victor used the company to fuel his rise to power, adamant that he would no longer use violence to create change. He eventually rebranded as VicCorp, expanding to do business with the other islands. Victor keeps all evidence of his involvement with Red J’ouvert hidden, using his father’s death at the hands of Devils as proof of his support for the government. He now fights for his beliefs through intrigue and politics, carrying out his own agenda under the noses of the powerful.