Ibis by Shawn Alleyne


Not long after the appearance of Midknight, Ibis graced the lands.
She passes through the homes of families made heartbroken or destitute by the actions of Midknight’s victims. She leaves behind gifts, cares for the sick or wounded, and eases emotional pain.
Like Midknight, Ibis was a supporter of the Mother until the devious political intentions of the party became clear. After turning her back on the campaign, she became simultaneously an outlaw and champion of the people. No one person has ever been able to describe her the same way.
Witnesses in the path of her fury describe a fearsome wraith, but beneficiaries see a warrior of heaven, not unlike a noble valkyrie.
It is not uncommon to see the Ibis fighting alongside Midknight, or questioning victims before Death makes his appearance; but she is also seen around #3 Canal Street in the ruins of Port-of-Spain Prime.

Rosalind Maraj by Ayodhya Ouditt

Rosalind Maraj

Rosalind was orphaned during Red J’ouvert. She lived on the polluted streets of Port of Spain Prime, scavenging in the shanty towns of Beetham City to feed herself and her brother, Marcus. They were eventually taken in by the orphanage at #3, Canal Street. An older child and uncannily intelligent, she was never adopted. However, like her brother, her talent caught the eye of Victor Constantine, CEO of VicCorp. After leaving the orphanage she tested into UST Tech for biology and bio-medical engineering, paying her way through scholarship. She earned both degrees and began working at the Ministry of Science & Technology as a laboratory assistant, but was soon promoted and placed under the direction of Dr. Minch. Unlike her brother, who is the youthful face of VicCorp and Victor’s celebrated protégé, Rosalind is Victor’s secret weapon, his eyes, ears and hands in the bowels of the Ministry and an irreplaceable source of intel for the rebellion.