(Jacka)Lantern by Ayodhya Ouditt


The “Lantern” is a hero of the people. No one knows who this young man is or even where he is from, but he is their voice, their saviour, a beacon of light made flesh.
It was he who came a few years after the Mother took power and gave the people Hope. He gave them strength in the form of firepower and he lit the way into battle himself, orchestrating raids and thefts, forming a new rebellion and feeding them  information for the cause.
The fact that most raids end in death, that most thefts end in arrests however, lead many to question his true motives. They call him Jackalantern - the one who misleads.
But when he speaks, the people listen because he is a messenger of Heaven; why else would his skin glow so beautifully, if not to light the way of the People?

Nicholas Jack Kassin by Ayodhya Oudtt

Nicholas Jack Kassin

Nicholas is a handsome young man. Born years after the massacre of Red J’ouvert, he knows only legends of that fearful, fateful time. He is the son of merchant Jack Paul Kassin, one of the first of Augustus’ new members of parliament. Nicholas was raised in the luxurious mansions of Laventille Heights, and as such has been spared from many of the mutations that afflict his generation. He has spent his lifetime preparing to follow in the footsteps of his father; to become a businessman and a politician. He is too young to be considered for a seat, just yet, but he is considered by his peers to be a man of the people. He frequently attends social gatherings, bumping elbows with the movers and shakers of the government and their friends. He is well-liked – some may even say loved – and like any politician, he is ambitious.