Midknight by Shawn Alleyne


Soon after the nano-oil drug trade blossomed, a masked figure calling himself Midknight appeared in Beetham City. He set to work cleaning the streets, killing those he judged were guilty.
During the rise of the Mother he lingered at the edges of her support, cautious, but seeking a return to freedom for the People of UST. Not long into her campaign however, it became apparent that her crusade was a farce for power. Midknight saw that although the political leaders were different, the politics were the same, and he cut all ties with the new regime. Some of his victims were supporters of the Mother, causing him to be branded as an enemy of the state.
Midknight is tough to kill, guns and other weapons seem barely to scratch him, spawning the superstition that he is a vengeful ghost or spirit.
Hated by some and feared by many, to those he has saved he is a White Knight and to those he hunts, he is Death incarnate.

Marcus Black by Ayodhya Ouditt

Marcus Black

Marcus was a child during Red J’ouvert. His parents killed, he lived barefoot in the rubble of Port of Spain Prime with his older sister, Rosalind, until being taken in at an orphanage established at #3 Canal Street. There, he was raised with other urchins who survived. As he grew it became evident that he was a talented artist. This eventually led to his adoption by a middle class couple, who encouraged him to follow these talents. His skills were noticed by Victor Constantine of VicCorp who took Marcus under his wing and sponsored him through university, giving him a position in VicCorp’s engineering division upon graduation. It is no secret that Victor considers Marcus his protégé, making him one of Beetham City’s most eligible bachelors – a privilege that Marcus takes advantage of, earning him notoriety as a playboy.