Pierrot Grenade by Ayodhya Ouditt


The people are of two minds when it comes to Pierrot. They can't decide if she's a kiskadee or a parrot. 
Pierrot Grenade came into the public's eye in a whirlwind of colour and fireworks, appearing suddenly in Beetham City's Celebration Square and singing a calypso about corruption and degradation.
Since her first performance she's been on a rampage, crashing parliamentary meetings, disrupting rallies, abducting television signals and spilling the Mother's and others' dirty laundry across the UST, sowing seeds of chaos.
Though many admire her for her anti-government stance, it's clear that Pierrot is on no one's side but her own. She won't hesitate to throw the common man to the wolves if it suits her needs, her getaway, or her desire for discord.
After befriending the Lantern, in the beginnings of TLP, she slowly changed her public behaviour, gradually becoming the Pierrot of today.

Janet Mohammed by Ayodhya Ouditt

Janet Mohammed

Following the colonization of the Caribbean, Trinidad experienced an influx of immigrants. Some of these were diplomats and ambassadors of the isles.
Janet was born to one such diplomat, who married a Trinidadian man and chose to stay after her term was over. Janet grew into an actress and singer, with a love of theatre and the arts. Thanks to her political ties she is now a well-paid soca artiste and a face of the Mother’s campaign, often performing at political gatherings.
But Janet knows her art is not her own, she knows that she can never express her true thoughts, her true self, as long as Mother and her Government persecute those who do not obey. She has watched her colleagues and friends struggle, fail and perish under the wrath of the Mother. Out of frustration Janet began a campaign of her own, siphoning information from the Mother’s circle which she discreetly passes to anyone who can pay.