Red Queen by Ayodhya Ouditt

Shaman-Queen of the Molassie

In the wake of Red J’ouvert, those rioters who went mad or became violent began to fight each other. Only the strongest and most maniacal survived. Eventually a hierarchy emerged and these crazed, bloodied madmen and madwomen became known as the Red Devils - practitioners of blood magic, whose raids for sacrifices are only kept in check by the Blue Tribes.
The Queen is at the top of this hierarchy. Since her reign began, the Red Devils have become more than barbarians: they are now mercenaries of the most terrifying variety. She is smart, savage, and worshipped as a goddess by her people. Few have investigated the origins of this new leader, but there are those who find the newfound purpose of the Red Devils… disturbing. These people believe that the Queen is not herself a Red Devil… but these people do not live long enough to convince others.
...then The Light of the People came to power and the Red Queen brought the Blue and Red Clans together under her rule...

Miranda Tang by Ayodhya Ouditt

Miranda Tang

Rioters of Red J’ouvert who survived the night found themselves developing strange traits. Some became more violent, or went mad. Others developed skin conditions and odd bone protrusions, causing them to cover their bodies and faces in an attempt to hide the nubbly growths. These characteristics, they soon found, were passed on to their children. Survivors and sufferers banded together, forming roaming tribes that populated the wasteland that was now Port of Spain Prime and the desolate marshlands beyond. One of these bands became known as the Blue Devils, thanks to their tinted skin and the old j’ouvert masks that hide their disfigured faces.
Miranda was born into this tribe, the daughter of a Warrior. She was spared the blue-tinged skin and disfigurement of her people, so is one of the few that can venture into Beetham City and its surroundings. Miranda is quick and sly, taking every opportunity to rise beyond her father’s rank. At the tender age of eighteen, she is already a Shaman in training.