Soucouyant by Ayodhya Ouditt


The ladies of the night know Soucouyant well. She appeared to them a few years ago, an angel clothed in demon's fire, rampaging through a brothel and setting rapists ablaze.
She is their patron saint, their avenging angel. They know that despite her fearsome image she is their guardian for she is ever gentle with children and harsh with those who take advantage.
No one really knows how she manifested after centuries of dormancy, but the children, the victims of slavery and assault, they pray to her in the evenings when they realize that God and the Mother have abandoned them.
When they see that blazing ball of light in the sky, they know their avenging angel is watching.

Mia Eustache by Ayodhya Ouditt

Mia Eustache

Keron is not his real name, but it is the only one he knows. Enslaved during the invasion of Venezuela, Keron remembers being a soldier in the army; though he doesn’t remember which, either. He believes he is Venezuelan, as he once heard someone call him “subject Rojas.”
Keron is a simple man, who wants a simple life. He is an undertaker and grave digger, living a solitary life with his only child, Luke. Before the birth of his son, Keron was a prisoner in the bowels of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He was the subject of nano-oil experimentations. One day, a man in a lab coat handed him a child and led him out, back into the world. The man told Keron the child was his son, and to run, lest the boy become an experiment, too. In the slums of Beetham City Keron fought for his life, unable to control his mutation and barely keeping Luke alive. Finally, he sought help from Papa Bois. In return for the illegal drugs that helped Keron control his mutation, Papa Bois had only one request: destroy his traitorous right hand man, and take his place.